Children of Cambodia

Angkor Wat. This kid was sitting in a temple, waiting for tourists to come along and hope to get some money from them. His face was filled with sadness, the signs of a begging life clear in every aspect of his being, choosing the temples because that’s where the tourists are. His ripped shirt, his … Continue reading Children of Cambodia


Misadventures in Cambodia

Well, it's that time again. Time for another one of Louise's misadventures. Let me tell you a tale. A tale of woe, a tale of heartbreak, a tale of schlemeils and schlimazels. Of a thing known as the Blitz (a string of constant bad luck). The tale begins in Bangkok, with hardly enough sleep my … Continue reading Misadventures in Cambodia

Accidental adventures into a Lost World.

We left at 130pm thinking we’ll have a leisurely stroll through the jungle to get to May Yen waterfall, swim about, and have a leisurely stroll back. Ah, wrong again Louise. We entered what looked like a prehistoric lost world with strange gnarled trees everywhere, scrambling over slippery rocks, walking through streams, climbing over fallen … Continue reading Accidental adventures into a Lost World.